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    Unbeatable BanzukeI have a developed a recent obsession with two Japanese gameshows on G4 cable network. Unbeatable Banzuke and Ninja Warrior. Both shows test the strengths of determined competitors by putting them through obstacles. Unbeatble Banzuke boasts of crazy challenges like Sponge Bridge, where challengers have to walk across three sponge paths only to collapse like dominos. Like the name implies, the obstacles are rarely won and challengers return several times, only to be defeated again. Ninja Warrior is a more athletic challenge, with 100 competitors all seeking “Ninja Warrior” status. Like Unbeatble Banzuke, the four stages are nearly impossible to complete. Most people get drowned out in the first round, which has boasted of obstacles like the roll log and curtain climb,  and barely any one makes it to the final stage. In fact, as far as I know, only one competitor has been crowned Ninja Warrior- and the show has been on in Japan for 14 years!  Of course the hilarious Japanese commentary subtitled in English, and groans of defeat make both shows only that much better!

    Ninja Warrior

    Unbeatable Banzuke

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