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    First and foremost- Happy Birthday Daddy!


    Me and my buddies hit up the free Jill Scott concert in Brooklyn last night. Let me tell you, the city is not what it used to be. Everything is such a big freaking effort, like G. Bush was in town or something. I mean all the streets were barracaded by the 5-0, I had to walk what felt like 10 blocks just to get into Wingate field. By that time I had missed almost 45 minutes of the show, but once I got in there and met up with my gals, it was worth it. It had threatened to thunderstorm the whole day and throughout the concert there was some lightening, but it never rained. The night air was cool and breezy and not hot and disgusting like it was when I went to seen Lauryn Hill’s hot ass mess performance around the same time last year. Jill sounded amazing, and she is a wonderful poet and storyteller. I always liked her, because listening to her albums always made me feel like I was one of her sister friends. At the end of the concert she announced that this would be her last performance in the States for some time, so I was glad I got to see her!

    New Music Tuesday *Sneak Peek*

    Young Jeezy’s Recession is expected to be released Sept. 2. His recent Put On remix featuring the new Jay-Z verse is now available on iTunes!

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