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    Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are back, and Hot 97 was in the building! The two “brothers from another mother”, never failed to deliver the laughs throughout the action packed movie, Rush Hour 3. This time, the Triads strike again and after an assassination attempt on the Chinese Ambassador’s life, Lee and Tucker are lead on a wild chase to Paris. Of course the two never forget to have a little fun and romance along the way. The pair discovers that an intriguing seductress, Genevieve (played by model/actress Noemie Lenoir) has something the Triads want and its Lee and Carter’s job to get it before they do.
    Classic moments include a scene in a martial arts school where Detective Carter is confronted by some very defensive students and the sword-flinging battle between Triad member Jasmine (Youki Judoh) and Lee. While they engage in a dagger wielding fight behind closed doors, Carter believes that their grunts and moans are coming from another strenuous activity…

    The intense fight scene on the Eifel tour between Lee and his evil brother Kenji is no doubt the best part of the movie. The two square off thousands of feet above Paris, while the ambassador’s daughter is held hostage. It is this scene that the audience is reminded of the amazing agility and talent that Jackie Chan possesses.

    It is clear that Chan and Tucker are true friends on and off the set. Their chemistry makes Rush Hour 3 even more enjoyable. The fun doesn’t stop- even after the movie ends! Check out the hilarious blooper reel and theme song featuring Nas and Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-lo during the closing credits. Rush Hour 3 opens August 10th, be there!

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