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    As a sleek blue car with Wu Tang blasting out of its sick stereo system, whips around the corner, it is clear that Wilson De Leon Jr. (Rick Gonzalez) is living the good life. He lives in huge house in Connecticut with his mother and younger brother. He has an adoring and attractive girlfriend (Dania Ramirez) and even is on the honor roll. What could this squeaky clean kid know about living the gangster life? Not much, but his mom, Mille (Wanda De Jesus) could definitely teach him a thing or two. The movie begins in 1980’s Bronx New York. It is the typical sex and drugs scene and Willie De Leon is the man in charge and his wife Millie is right there by his side. However everything comes to an end when Wilson is shot in cold blood the same night his son is born. Fast forward twenty years later, after being spotted at a local supermarket, Millie rushes home to start packing. But after years of moving around and not knowing why, Wilson demands answers. He gets more than he bargained for and his handed a loaded glock and told to watch his back. Still refusing to leave his girl and life in CT, his mom flees leaving Wilson and girlfriend Ana the house. But all isn’t gravy and after fending off two relentless gangsters, Wilson realizes how serious this situation really is. The only way to save his family is to fight. Millie is relentless and will do anything keep her family alive. She had movie goers hanging off their seats when she busted through the front door wielding a gun in each hand. Millie is a far cry from you average soccer mom—mama takes no mess! The mother and son duo fly down to Puerto Rico where the final confrontation between Javier Caldero (Gary Perez), the man who killed a father and husband takes place. It is here that the real reason for his twenty year vendetta is revealed…

    Illegal Tender is jam-packed with thrilling moments—there is never a dull second. Rick Gonzalez does a great job in his first lead roll especially in the scenes between Wilson and his adorable half brother Randy (Antonio Ortiz). The music in the movie is great, featuring hits from the 80s and now. Reggaeton star Tego Calderon makes a cameo playing one of Caldero’s associates. Writer and Producer, Franc Reyes made a special appearance at the advance screening in New York and of course HOT 97 was there to deliver the scoop! Illegal Tender premieres August 24, 2007 in theaters everywhere.

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