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    So the Common x NERD tour touched down in NYC last night at the Roseland Ballroom in Times Square. I had literally just found out about the concert the night before via various twitter updates and I knew I had to be there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool getting to see concerts for free (it’s part of my job description), however this has been the first concert that I actually wanted to see if a looong time. So I scraped some money together, called some people from my phonebook to see if they would join me, logged onto ticketmaster and got my tickets.

    Needless the say the line had to be at least two blocks long, but lucky for us Umoo spotted some people she knew on the line, and we actually got to be pretty close to stage. I spotted this girl from highschool and a co-worker as well. Once we got inside and situated ourselves, Chester French, Star Trak’s newest artists opened the show, and I must say them white boys had soul. The lead singer was high energy and even had a little tambourine action going on. Next up was NERD, sans Chad. They performed songs from the new album Seeing Sounds, as well as their classics like Brain, Rockstar, Lapdance and Maybe. As Diddy, Capricorn (Diddy’s ex-assistant, now the VP of Marketing at Sean John/Bad Boy and the host of I Want to Work for Diddy) and ‘my boss’ Ebro (Program Director of HOT 97 FM),  peered down from VIP. Pharell shouted them out accrediting them to some of his sucess. Before the NERD set was over,  at least 30 girls were yanked up to the stage for Everyone Nose. My friend almost got in a fight with some groupies who tried to muscle their fugly selves to the front. Yea she wasn’t having that.

    Next up was the swexiness that is…Common. The set change took about a half and hour but it was well worth it. The stage transformed to a lounge with a full service bar and bartender who doubled as one of the bandmembers. Common brought out Cee-lo who was chilling in the VIP for their song, I think it was G.O.D…but I could be wrong. Pharell hung out on the stage for a while, playing the percussions, and of course accompanying Common on Universal Mind Control and Announcement. I CAN NOT wait for the next Common album. This fall is going to be a great one with the new John Legend, Kanye West, Common, Jay-Z and Beyonce albums….what more can one ask for!

    All in all this concert has been the best that I have gone to in a while and I think it was money well spent (only $42 dollars, although my co-workers went for freee!). My feet were definitely useless after standing for about 7 hours (including waiting on the line), but I guess you do alot for some good music!

    N.E.R.D- Maybe (Live) from Nitaboo on Vimeo.

    Common- Go (Live) from Nitaboo on Vimeo.

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