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    I went to see the advanced screening of this movie on Tuesday and I’ve been dying to spill since then. I attended the only advanced screening in NYC, (almost didn’t get in), and braced myself. I expected a bunch of screaming teenaged stans, and there were a couple. But mostly it was filled with industry people, writers, reviewers, etc. who looked like they rather be anywhere else but a Twilight screening…
    The actual movie did not disappoint. For those of you who have been living under a rock, Twilight is a fantasy saga by Stephenie Meyers, which have caused a frenzy unseen since the Harry Potter series. The books center around the strained love between Bella Swan, an introspective girl who moves from Phoenix to live with her dad, and Edward Cullen, a vampire living in the raining town of Forks, Washington. The storyline seems superficial, but the love between the two is extremely complex and thoughtful, which explains why the books are favorites amongst all age groups. The movie cut out some details, which is to be expected but to a person new to Twilight, the story was easy to follow. I was a little frustrated with Jasper Cullen’s character. Brother to Edward, this vampire’s unique “power” is the ability to diffuse tense situations and atmospheres with his mind. Instead Jasper was betrayed as a blood-thirsty and slightly crazed vampire, who was not yet matured enough to handle his human cravings…Other than that the setting of the movie is beautiful and incredibly lush, yet extremely mysterious and foreboding, exactly how Meyers described it.

    Catch Twilight, today in theaters!

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