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    Nightmare: Ghost Stories

    Cipha Sounds Live Broadcast

    October 5, 2007

    HOT 97 kicked the Halloween season off early at Nightmare: Ghost Stories in Lower Manhattan. Cipha Sounds was in the building broadcasting live as party goers entered into the scariest Haunted House in the city. This year the house featured 23 rooms, each one scarier than the last. The house was pitch black and as you make your way through it, you never know what may pop out at you. There is a room full of mummies, who spring to life as you walk by. There were bodies hanging on the walls and creepy ghouls wandering through the halls. The Haunted House exploits your worse nightmares. Afraid of dolls coming to life “Chucky” style? They’ve got it. Are you afraid of blood and electric chairs? Yep they’ve got that too! But not to fret, HOT 97 was there handing out free tee-shirts and spinning live music to calm your nerves!  

    HOT 97 weekend is not over, come check us out this Saturday and Sunday. And if you missed the live-broadcast, check out HOT97.com Videos on Demand for everything SPOOKY…Viewers beware…

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