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    Places to Break Up
    by Anita S. Nixon

    When you don’t want to be stuck with that person come Valentine’s Day.

    On Myspace or via text message- A simple, “It’s over” will do. If you’re that much of a jerk to text-a-break-up, then you probably don’t need much of an explanation.

    On the phone- When things start to get heated, just pretend that your call dropped… “Uh..Can you hear me now??”

    Not at your house, preferably in a public place– You’ve seen “Two Can Play That Game”. Don’t break up with some one at your house, especially if that person is a looney tune. Things may get thrown, and screaming and hollering will insue. Who knows you may even end up tied up in a closet. Break up with someone in public, with plenty of witnesses.

    At the club- The loud music will make it hard to explain yourself, making the break up short and to the point. And don’t forget the quick rebound!

    At a Restaurant – A public place, but still private enough to have that final conversation. How angry can that person get, you’ve just bought them a free meal, plus they can drown their sorrows at the bar.

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