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    Well, I’ve been working on compiling some looks for the prom this year. Categories include hair, dress, accessories, guys and more. Check it out below and you can also check it out on www.HOT97.com/allthingshot

    Elegant Updos:
    Check out these modern buns from Essence magazine. These styles are elegant, but youthful enough for prom. Try the side swept look for a young yet dramatic twist.

    Chic Messy Updos
    Try these sweet updos as worn by Jessica Alba and Sophia Bush

    Bangs are definitely back, and seem to be here to stay for a while. Try a full bang like Jennifer Hudson at the Oscars. Afraid to commit? Talk to your stylist about tracks or clip on bangs.

    Cropped Hair
    Cropped Hair also made a big splash this year, almost every girl chopped off their locks for the edgy asymetrical Rihanna look. Try the Mary J. Blige cropped look if you’re not looking to appear as harsh.

    Long Hair
    Of course long hair is always in. Full with soft waves like Sanaa give a romantic look, while Alicia Key’s headband is sweet and adorable.

    Don’t Do It
    All though Prom night is your time to shine, you don’t want to look back at your pictures ten years from now with regret. You want to look timeless at your prom while still looking current. You don’t want to flip through your yearbook ten years from now and say that hairstyle is sooo 2008! And that’s what this hairstyle is saying…and more.

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