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    Here’s the review I wrote for HOT 97 Full Frontal Hip Hop. Check out more pics on HOT97.com
    HOT 97 Full Frontal Hip Hop
    Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center
    Anita S. Nixon
    March 21, 2008

    Everyone from concert goers, to the performers were decked out in the hottest Spring styles at last night’s HOT 97 Full Frontal Hip Hop Concert. Wyclef Jean, Lupe Fiasco, Mario and Keyshia Cole all performed in black attire. Keyshia Cole sported her new black hair do, while wearing a black corset. Mario crooned his love songs to the ladies in a black fedora, studded rock star style. Even surprise guests, Day 26, Diddy’s new boy band from Making the Band 4, sported black on stage. They performed their newest hit “Got Me Going” off their new album that drops next week. Fellow Bad Boy artist Cheri Dennis was the only artist who broke the theme, wearing a fierce voluminous coral red blouse as she sang hits like, “Portrait of Love” and “I Love You.” Hip Hop all-star Busta Rhymes, apparently got the memo as well and was spotted enjoying the show backstage in a black and white jacket. Host Angie Martinez, definitely blew everyone out the water in brilliant purple dress.

    New comer O’Neal McKnight and Hip Hop legend, Greg Nice opened the show, performing their new club banger, “Check Your Coat”. Nice brought it to the old school performing “Hip-Hop Junkies”. Lupe Fiasco was up next, rocking stunner shades, and tie with skull and crossbones. The Chicago native opened his set with a “Kick push”/ “Shook Ones” mash up; then performed his latest singles, “Hip Hop Saved My Life” and “Paris/Tokyo”. He brought Matthew Santos, the vocals behind chart topper, “Superstar” to the stage before exiting. Mario had all of the ladies’ attention as he took it back to his earliest songs, “Braid My Hair” and “Just a Friend”. He even brought one lucky girl to stage while he sang hit song, “Let Me Love You.” As Heavy Hitter DJ Enuff kept the crowd moving between sets, one can hear Wyclef Jean warming up on the electric guitar. The Fugee, graced the stage, instrument in hand and performed a powerful rendition of “911”. He then jumped into the audience as he sang “Sweetest Girl” his hit that is currently blowing up the airwaves. “We about to turn this…into the West Indian Parade!”, Wyclef screamed as the whole house started to jump up and down waving anything they could find— cell phones and glow sticks, in the air. One moment Jean was in the crowd, the next he was on the balcony, the next back on the stage! Everyone from the crowd on the floor and fans from the Miss Jones VIP Lounge were on the feet and dancing. Of course in the mist of all the high energy Jean, always known for his political and social involvement, did not forget to let the crowd know who he would be voting for come this November. R&B songstress Keyshia Cole closed the show last night accompanied by dancers and back up singers. She sang hits off her first album, including, “I Changed My Mind”, “(I Just Want It) To Be Over” and “Love”. Of course she brought the house down with her current hits, “I Remember”, “Last Night” and “Let It Go”. Before exiting the stage she let fans know that her new album titled “The Love Album” would be dropping this September and that a biopic is currently in the works.

    As part of HOT 97’s Green initiative, recycling crew Terracycle were on site collecting old vinyls and cds from fans and record labels For more information, click here. The show was covered by My9 news and Good Morning America. Full Frontal was definitely a star-studded event. If you missed it don’t forget to check out the Angie Cam and all the pictures from the concert only on HOT97.com. Most of all make sure you’re in the building next year!


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