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    HOT 97 April Fools Day Comedy Show
    – Anita S. Nixon

    The HOT 97 April Fools Comedy Show is the “Summer Jam” of comedy according to comedian Rob Stapleton. Where else can you find comedy heavy hitters like D.L. Hughley, Capone, Bruce Bruce, Paul Mooney and Bill Bellamy all on one stage? D.L. Hughley hosted the laughed filled night for the packed WaMu Theater at MSG audience. He even pulled an April Fools prank of his own, tricking the crowd into believing actor Denzel Washington would grace the stage. One can hear all the women in the audience gasp as they braced themselves for Denzel, only to fall victim to Hughley’s practical joke!

    Bronx native and Bad Boy of Comedy, Rob Stapleton, a Comedy Show all-star returned to the stage for the third year in a row. He joked about getting out of awkward situations with his girl and reminded guys that dancing in the club to a Beyonce record was just not cool.

    Mike Destafano, hailing from Showtime’s White Boys in the Hood represented for the Italians and all “Non-black” people. Destafano claimed that Italians were the originators of the drive-by.

    Legendary Paul Mooney recently known for his hilarious stint on the Chapelle Show as Negrodamus, made some political commentary. He made jokes about Barack Obama being the “The Rainbow Coalition”, having “white man’s ears” and being liked by Oprah. He pointed out that whether Obama won or lost the presidential race, he was still a winner.

    Former BET Comic View host, Bruce Bruce graced the stage next, poking fun at his weight loss. The rotund comedian had lost over 100 pounds but still despised trainers and diets.

    HOT 97’s very own Michael Shawn had his opportunity to shine, representing for New York City. “I don’t care where this song comes on”, claimed Mike referring to 50 Cent’s “I Get Money”, “I automatically get hype!” Morning show co-host DJ Envy who kept the crowd moving all night long, played 50’s hit single as Mike “made it drizzle” on stage. Mike tossed nickels and dimes instead of paper bills out in into the audience.

    Actor /Comedian Bill Bellamy closed the show, also taking stabs at rapper 50 cent. Bellamy envied 50’s sex appeal gained after being shot in the mouth. Apparently ladies fall for 50’s drawl. He also poked at Jay-Z, claiming that if Jay wasn’t rich, Beyonce wouldn’t give him the time of day. Ladies would definitely be like “Jigga what, Jigga who?”

    The comedians performed at their best this April Fools Day and definitely kept the audience laughing all night long. If you missed the gut-busting show, don’t forget to check out exclusive videos and photos only on HOT97.com.

    Mike Shawn Backstage Cam

    April Fools Comedy

    Me backstage at the April Fools Day Comedy Show

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