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    If you squint real hard, you can see Keri Hilson, the main chick in Usher’s new video Love in The Club. According to rumors Usher’s stylist wife Tameka dressed this chick up real bad. You know she has those hateration tendencies…But Keri looks pretty decent to me, so only time will tell.

    As for Ryan Leslie’s new video for Diamond Girl…Disappointment! First of all it’s totally different from the Trailer he released a while back…Second of all, what took him so long?

    Edit: This is what Ryan Leslie had to say about the video on his YouTube channel:

    This the edit of the video that premiered on BET’s 106 & Park on Friday, April 4th. Since it’s my channel, I’ve added some sound design to the version that aired.

    As I posted in my previous video, I had a huge vision for this video to feel like a live television performance that gave tribute to a James Brown piece I saw on the Ed Sullivan show.

    I saved up my money and had the EXACT same stage built that James performed on. I then hired a band to cut the live version. After that, I worked with everyone on the stage to have that throwback vibe. I paid to shoot the performance on a blue screen with the intention of having the set of the Ed Sullivan show digitally recreated behind me. My label disagreed.

    They felt that the live version felt too much like a remix.

    They also felt that we needed to rush on the video so the final edit came back without the digital stage – just changed the blue to black and added some lights, and cutaway graphics of diamonds.

    My original treatment called for the video to be set in the late 60’s just like James Brown’s performance. I wanted to have families huddled around the television watching this performance like they used to back then.

    When I got to LA to shoot, the entire set was modern and a piece of me died. My vision was compromised. Rather than be an ungrateful artist, I stayed and gave my best performance.

    The video that’s airing is really only a partial representation of my artistic vision.

    Here are a few of the audio edits I’ve made that are featured in the vid that you’re seeing:

    * First, I had someone come to the studio and say the following dialogue in French:

    “Ryan. Wait for me. I’m not even ready! I can’t believe you’re gonna leave me here…You’re driving me crazy – I can’t do this anymore. Ryan – if you leave – we’re finished! YOU SPENT $3000 ON A DRESS – don’t you wanna see me in it?? Oh..ok – fine… GO! Amuse yourself with the girls at your show!! And if you think I’ll be here when you get back – THINK AGAIN!!”

    * Second, I convinced Evan to do the voice-over of my manager.

    * Third, I re-cut my dialogue from the beginning and added the sound of running water to enhance the vibe of our bathroom conversation.

    * Fourth, I added the sound of the door opening before the video starts.

    * Added a few horn stabs to parts of the performance when I’m gesturing to the band to “hit me”.

    * Put some applause at the end of the performance scene.

    * Added the sound of screaming girls, running feet, more screaming girls and the car door closing.

    The lesson I learned here is that when you have a strong creative vision – do everything in your power to see it through. I am very thankful that I have a video on TV. Many artists are still striving for that milestone. Regardless, this experience encouraged me to shoot another video as well as an 11 minute short film based on “Diamond Girl”.

    I will not stop.


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