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    Hey ya’ll, it”s Anita back with some more Prom advice.

    Dress: This Spring, tie dye, safari, textured florals, large soft curls, and halters are in (see Diane Von Furstenberg, H&M.com, and Anna Sui). Colors are bright and bold mango, pinks, blue, yellow, silver and khaki purple.

    Bold Colors:

    Celebrities from Kerry Washington to Corrine Baiey Ray have been caught this past year in stunning colorful gowns. You’ll be hard to miss in colors like candy pink, royal purple, emerald green, and cerulean blue!

    Sparkley Grey

    Kelis is known for avant-garde style—remember her celery green wedding dress and larger than life fro? Nowadays she’s settled for a sleeker look, sporting a cute cropped do. Grey was definitely a big color last year and it continues to be one now. So Try stuntin’ in a short silver number to your prom this year.

    Not a Good Look!

    Just don’t do it to yourself. While there is nothing wrong with showing a little skin, you do want to leave something for the imagination. There are ways to look different and stand out with looking trashy.

    That’s all for now.
    Stay tuned for more prom advice !

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    <3 Anita

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